• Question: what causes dwarfism?

    Asked by 879heac26 to Andy, Dwaine, Natt, Priya, Tatiana on 25 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Andrew Scott

      Andrew Scott answered on 25 Jun 2015:

      There are many reasons why people might have dwarfism. The most common reason is an inherited condition called Achondroplasia.

    • Photo: Priya Hari

      Priya Hari answered on 25 Jun 2015:

      Dwarfism can have many causes.
      It can be inherited. It can be caused as part of long term conditions affecting the heart or lungs. The patients is likely to be producing less growth hormone. Other conditions causing dwarfism are Down’s syndrome, Prada-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome and Noonan Syndrome