Thank you from your winner – Andy!


andrewscottI signed up for I’m a Scientist because it sounded like a great way to talk about science, a bit of a change from my usual job and there was a remote possibility that I might win some money to fund a really cool new project. It definitely lived up to my expectations; it was exciting, loads of fun, I learnt loads of stuff I never expected to and it completely took over my whole life for two weeks! At midnight on the Saturday half way through the competition I was discussing “what is time?” with some friends at a wedding. It really made me think about things that I’d not considered before.

I hope that it’s given you the students a bit of an idea of the many different things that scientists get up to. Even if it hasn’t made you want to be a scientist, I hope it has shown how important science is to everything that we do.

The other 4 scientists in the Health Zone all deserve a massive high 5 for their hard work, tough competition and answers to many questions that I simply had no idea how to even start to answer. I think we all typed as fast as our fingers could move during the live chats and spent every spare hour trying to answer as many questions in the Ask section as we could. I’m really sorry if we missed your question, hopefully there aren’t too many. I think we need to work on technologies to increase the number of hours in the day before the next competition!

I’m quietly competitive and really quite proud of the fact that I was the winner, so special thanks to all the people that voted for me. I’m really excited about the experiments I’m planning to do with a school group and the stand that we’ll run at next year’s Imperial College Science Fair (a great day out if you can make it!).

Finally and most importantly I’d really like to thank everybody that got involved in the competition. So thanks to everyone that asked a question either via the Ask section of the website or in the Chat rooms. The competition doesn’t work without questions! I really enjoyed all them, whether they were about Disney characters, aliens, time travel and even health! And another massive thank you to all the people that voted – democracy is important, almost as important as science…


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